Live Class Links

Monday's Zumba Class with Giovanna at 7:30 PM ET  Pre-recorded Zumba class live from Greece with Giovanna for this week. Check your on demand page at 7:30 PM ET on Monday or click here-
Monday's Booty Blast Express Class with Stephanie at 8:45 PM ET (20 Minutes)

Passcode: express

Tuesday's Zumba Class with Magali at 9 AM ET

Meeting ID: 849 8534 4078
Passcode: 256881

Tuesday’s Zumba Class with Bobby at 7:30 PM ET

Meeting ID: 968 9283 2131
Passcode: 205575

Wednesday's Zumba Class with Brothers Twinz at 7:30 PM ET

Meeting ID: 966 5917 4865
Passcode: 397113

Thursday's Zumba Class with Flor at 9 AM ET

Meeting ID: 832 3677 6864
Passcode: 542386

Friday's Total Body Express Class with Alyssa at 7:30 PM ET (30 Minutes)

 Passcode: express