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Giovanna, the Brothers Twinz, Flor, Alyssa, & Magali.

What our members are saying

Giovanna's classes are an all-in-one solution for fitness, health, and motivation and helped me meet my fitness goals. All while having a heck of a great time!

Natalie P.

Taking these classes has been such a highlight to my week! Not only am I getting the exercise I need and losing weight, but I’m having so much fun! So interactive and full of positive energy!

Hillary S.

Being a mom, it's difficult to get to the gym but with the membership I can always do my favorite classes right at home. I've been able to stay on track because I absolutely love these classes!! 

Elizabeth P.

The convenience of working out at home, combined with the energy & passion with which Giovanna teaches, continues to surpass any gym experience I’ve ever had.  Also, the on-demand feature offers the flexibility that any full-time working mom needs to maintain a consistent workout routine.

Marisa R.

I love Giovanna's classes. The choreographies are always interesting and fun. Since I've joined the membership I've lost weight and prefer the virtual classes as opposed to the gym.

Willie M.

I consider myself lucky to have found Giovanna. Her class and energy is the best. The steps are also super easy to follow. She makes anyone feel like they can dance. Time slips away and I'm surprised when class is over.

Lucie M.

Attending GXVNA virtual classes has increased my desire to exercise! I feel inspired! If you ever have a chance to try these classes, DO IT!!!

Stephanie R.

I don’t have a 9-5 schedule. I work nights, and I work on weekends. Classes at local gyms don’t fit into my ever-changing schedule. The GXVNA membership allows me the flexibility to workout when it fits my schedule.

Tammy M.