Giovanna is currently licensed to teach Zumba®, Strong, Pilates, Total Body Conditioning, Aqua Zumba®, and is a NASM certified personal trainer. With many years of experience in the fitness field, and a trained dancer from a young age, Giovanna sought to help and inspire others reach their physical and mental health goals all while having a great time. Giovanna attended Frank Sinatra High School of the Arts where she trained in ballet and modern dance for 4 years. She loved to dance but the stress of the professional dance world took the fun out of it for her. Combining her love for fitness and dance, one day she was introduced to Zumba and left the rest behind.

Giovanna says, “Teaching Zumba has helped me manage and overcome some of the biggest obstacles of my life. My goal is to help you release stress accumulated from daily life! For just one hour a day, I can promise you a great workout and a clear mind. With nothing to think about except some groovy dance moves- you will find your mind and body flowing to places you never thought possible. I love that I have the power to do that not only for myself, but for others as well through movement! With a history of dance training, it was only when I found Zumba that I realized that it's not about being perfect or being the best dancer; it's about the joy and the love you feel when you are dancing. I’d like to share my love for movement and it's therapeutic abilities to move you all to better health whether physically, mentally, or both, through my virtual classes online or in person. Welcome!”