Brothers Twinz

Daniel and Nicolás García, originally from Cali, Colombia, a city known for being the capital of salsa, have been Zumba instructors since 2018 and teach classes internationally. They have had the opportunity to travel to countries such as Turkey, Bolivia, Chile, Dubai, Romania, Turkey, Greece and more to share their passion for fitness and dance. In 2019 they were chosen to be part of a team created by Beto Perez, the creator of Zumba, to perform in the Zumba Convention in Florida, the largest Zumba event in the world. The two international celebrities also have a large following on social media channels Instagram and Tiktok. They are so excited to bring their energy and skills to the GXVNA community. Comedians you could say, while taking their class, definitely expect not only a good workout and a great time, but a good laugh as well.

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